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Prepared by P. A. Mhache
Community Economic Development Student (2008/09)

I would like to share with my friends and other staffs especially in a Local government about management and its challenges. It is not a new concept, every body knows it but I think with this way it can be a good means of reminding each other. People are claiming that Local government staffs “Managers” they are not performing, politician has tried to advice that it could be better if all staffs from the organization “Local Government” they could pack off and go leaving the organization with a green light to prosper. Is this true? Am talking about Local Government Staffs and my concentration centre is Kinondoni Municipal council staffs.

Our Regional Commissioner (Mzee Kandoro) and our District Commissioner (Col F. Masawe) claimed that we are “COLD” and we need to be “WARMED”, is this true? Head of department and section were required to swear that they can change “ YES WE CAN”. To me it was a great challenge, whatever comment made during that session lead me to think that am not a part of the problem, but no way I am a part of it.

With that reasons I tried to go back to my program “CED Programme” and make some reference to identify what is the problem, why that problem and what resources available to solve the problem. I would like to share with you who play a role like a Manager.

Managers need to be able to understand and communicate information to others, maintaining good relationships with customers and members of the organization and make clear, rational decisions.

Manager makes plans for her department or company, organizes and leads staff and monitors activities to keep the department or company on target towards it goals. Is it what we are doing? If not we can’t change.

Managers are constantly dealing with uncertainty and unexpected events, whether it be something as small as the sudden loss of a major customer or something as large and dramatic.

Kinondoni like other organization is coping with diverse and far-reaching challenges, challenge about city cleanness “garbage collection”, challenges of Machinga where by every corner- of the road reserves and open spaces are now used as a market centre, no one doesn’t know its result, poor infrastructure, issue of education and so on.

Solid Management skills and actions are the key to helping this organization, workers are asking that managers share rather than hoard power. A new kind of leader is needed to guide through this turbulence – a strong leader who recognizes the complexity of today’s world and realizes there are no perfect answers.

The revolution asks managers to do more with less, to engage whole employees, to see change rather than stability as the nature of things, and to create vision and cultural values that allow people to create a truly collaborative workplace.
This new management approach is very different from a traditional mindset that emphasizes tight top-down control, employee separation and specialization and management by impersonal measurements and analysis.

Making a difference as a manager today and tomorrow requires integrating solid, tried-and true management skills with new approaches that emphasize the human touch, enhance flexibility and involve employees’ hearts and minds as well as their bodies.

Successful departments and organizations don’t jus happen – they are managed to be that way. Managers in every organization today face major challenges and have the opportunity to make a difference.

Every day managers solve difficult problems, turn organization around, and achieve astonishing performances.

We as manager let us remember what our Regional Manager Mzee Kandoro told us, to me that wise words aimed to make us change and Yes We Can we promised.

Protect your credibility/status
Protect reputation of your family
Protect reputation of your organization
And be Mzalendo

We all face challenges but with a little skills we can minimize if not eradicating that challenges.

Next time I would like to talk about definition of Management and four management functions (planning, organizing, Leading, Controlling)

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