Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My dearest friends,

How is morning where you are, I dont mind what time are going to go through my msg, what is important is what you can get from my msg.

I would like to share with you about the power of stress busters, the normal state of the human mind and body is not of tension and anxiety, but of total health and relaxation.

Much of stress we experience is self-created and self-perpetuated, through the misuse of our minds and emotions. The good news is that this type of stress can be controlled.

Here are five stress busters:-

1. Exercise for twenty minutes to one hour every other day. Exercise induces your muscles to go through alternating cycles of tension and relaxation.

2. Continuously affirm to yourself, separate your perception, opinions and value jugements of a negative event from the event. Affirm to yourself, "Its just an event"

3. Dont make value judgements about people or events. A value judgements occurs when you inject strong opinions, beliefs or feelings into or about an event. Value judgement includs: good or bad, just or unjust, right or wrong, pleasant or sickening. Make negative value judgement and you become upset and full of stress.

4. Disconect your emotions from the outcome of events. Dont say "If I get this I'll be happy" if you state that you have also programmed your mind to believe that "If you dont get that it will be miserable for you"

5. State preferences instead of expectations or demands, state that " I prefer to get this if not I'll go for this one"

This powerful stress buster is the best way to keep your emotions in Balance. Mind you my friends prolonged stress is the result of the continual misuse and misunderstanding of your mind/body system.

From Mhache P. A
Kinondoni Municipality
ref. Stress by Ashwani Bhardwaj

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